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We have begun to enter OER policies into the registry, but we need your help to make it a truly useful global resource. Sharing our collective knowledge of existing OER policies, in the same way we believe in sharing educational resources, will help advocates and policymakers further open policies worldwide.
<div style="font-size: 1.2em; text-align: center; vertical-align: center; padding: 0px; clear: both; overflow: hidden;border-top:1px solid #e0e0e0;padding-top: 10px;">
<div style="float: left; padding-right: 5px;">[[Image:List-add.png|link=]]</div>
<div style="float: left; padding-right: 15px;">'''[[Special:FormEdit/OER_Policy|Add a policy]]'''</div>
<div style="float: left; padding-right: 5px;">[[Image:System-search.png|link=]]</div>
<div style="float: left;padding-right: 15px;">'''[http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Special:BrowseData/OER_Policy_Registry?_single Browse all policies]'''</div>
The '''{{#ask: [[Category:OER Policy Registry]]|format=count}}''' OER policies currently in the registry:
{{#ask:[[Category:OER Policy Registry]]
|?OER Policy Jurisdiction
|?OER Policy Date
|class=sortable wikitable smwtable

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