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|Country=United States
|Country=United States
|OER Policy Institution=Washington State
|OER Policy Institution=Washington State
|Tag=Bill, Draft law

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Date: 2009/04/16
Policy Status: Current
Language: English
Jurisdiction: Province / State
Country: United States
Institution: Washington State
Policy license:

Tags: Bill, Draft law

Policy Title: H.B. 1946 - Regarding higher education online technology. - Go to the policy
Author(s): Rep. Reuven Carlyle, Rep. Glenn Anderson, Rep. Jan Angel, Rep. Joe Schmick, Rep. Bob Hasegawa, Rep. Roger Goodman, Rep. Pat Sullivan, Rep. Kathy Haigh, Rep. Zack Hudgins, Rep. Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, Rep. Marcie Maxwell

Description: Declares an intent to study and implement the legislature's findings regarding how the state's public institutions of higher education can share core resources in instructional, including library, resources, student services, and administrative information technology resources, user help desk services, faculty professional development, and more. The study will examine how public institutions of higher education can pursue a strategy of implementing single, shared, statewide commonly needed standards-based software, web hosting and support service solutions that are cost-effective, easily integrated, user-friendly, flexible, and constantly improving. Requires all institutions of higher education to use common online learning technologies

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