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|Language code=English
|Language code=English
|OER Policy Jurisdiction=Province / State
|OER Policy Jurisdiction=Province / State
|Country=United States
|Country=United States of America
|OER Policy Institution=Virginia Legislative Assembly
|OER Policy Institution=Virginia Legislative Assembly
|Tag=Bill, Draft law
|Tag=Bill, Draft law

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Date: 2009/04/08
Policy Status:
Language: English
Jurisdiction: Province / State
Country: United States of America
Institution: Virginia Legislative Assembly
Policy license:

Tags: Bill, Draft law

Policy Title: H.B.1941 Patent and copyright policies; requires Secretaries of Administration and Technology to establish. - Go to the policy
Author(s): Christopher Peace
Description: Patent and copyright policies of the Commonwealth. Requires the Secretary of Administration to establish policies, subject to the approval of the Governor, regarding the use of patents and copyrights owned by the Commonwealth. Such policies shall include, at a minimum, the following: 1. A policy granting state agencies the authority over the use and release of patents and copyrights created by employees of the agency. Such policy shall authorize state agencies to release potentially copyrightable materials under the Creative Commons licensing system. 2. A provision encouraging the Commonwealth and state agencies to seek patent and copyright protection only in those instances where the patents or copyrights have potential commercial value. 3. Subject to approval by the Secretary of Administration, a process permitting state agencies to commercialize patents and copyrights with potential commercial value.

The bill also permits localities and local school boards to set policies regarding the use and ownership of patents and copyrights developed by employees.

Policy Comments: