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Date: 2009/11/13
Policy Status:
Language: English
Jurisdiction: Province / State
Country: United States,
Institution: Utah government
Policy license:

Tags: Curriculum

Policy Title: Rule R277-111 Sharing of Curriculum Materials by Public School Educators - Go to the policy
Author(s): Carol Lear, Larry Shumway

Description: Utah State Education Board allows teachers to license educational materials under CC. The purpose of this rule is to provide information and assurance to public school educators about sharing materials created or developed by educators primarily for use in their own classes or assignments. The intent of this rule is to allow or encourage educators to use valuable time and resources to improve instruction and instructional practices with assistance from appropriate materials developed by other educators….Utah educators may share materials under a Creative Commons License and shall be personally responsible for understanding and satisfying the requirements of a Creative Commons License…The presumption of this rule is that materials may be shared. The presumption is that Utah educators need not seek permission from their employers to share personally-developed materials.

Policy Comments: