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Policy Status: Current
Language: English
Jurisdiction: National
Country: United States of America
Policy license: N/A


Policy Title: US: Open Government Partnership National Action Plan (2015 & 2016) - Go to the policy
Author(s): US Government
Description: Expand Access to Educational Resources through Open Licensing and Technology (p.3).

Open educational resources are an investment in sustainable human development; they have the potential to increase access to high-quality education and reduce the cost of educational opportunities around the world. Open educational resources can expand access to key educational materials, enabling the domestic and international communities to attain skills and more easily access meaningful learning opportunities. The United States has worked collaboratively with domestic and international civil society stakeholders to encourage open education initiatives. Building on that momentum, the United States will openly license more Federal grant supported education materials and resources, making them widely and freely available. In addition to convening stakeholders to encourage further open education efforts, the United States will publish best practices and tools for agencies interested in developing grant-supported open licensing projects, detailing how they can integrate open licensing into projects from technical and legal perspectives.

Policy Comments:

2015 National Action Plan (CC Blog post): http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/43817

2016 National Action Plan (CC Blog post): http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/46327