US: Illinois: HB 3239: Open College Textbook Act

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Date: 2013/02/26
Policy Status: Proposed
Language: en
Jurisdiction: Province / State
Country: United States,
Policy license: various

Tags: OER, government

Policy Title: Illinois HB 3239: Open College Textbook Act - Go to the policy
Author(s): Rep. Kenneth Dunkin,

Description: " Creates the Open College Textbook Act. From appropriated amounts, authorizes the Board of Higher Education to award grants, on a competitive basis, to eligible entities to carry out described activities, including creating, updating, or adapting open textbooks (defined as a textbook or set of course materials in electronic format that is designed for use in a college course at an institution of higher education and that is licensed under an open license). Defines an "eligible entity" as (i) an institution of higher education in this State, (ii) a professor or group of professors at an institution of higher education in this State, or (iii) a nonprofit or for-profit organization that produces open textbooks. Requires the Board to award grants in a manner that will result in the creation of a comprehensive slate of high quality course materials for introductory courses in a variety of subject areas. Sets forth provisions concerning the duration of a grant, grant applications, requirements for grant recipients, a peer review and evaluation process, appropriations, licensing materials, and a report to the Senate's Committee on Higher Education and the House of Representatives' Committee on Higher Education. Effective immediately."

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