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|Language code=en
|Language code=en
|OER Policy Jurisdiction=National
|OER Policy Jurisdiction=National
|Country=United States of America
|License short name=copyright
|License short name=copyright

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Date: 2014/05/15
Policy Status: Proposed, Current
Language: en
Jurisdiction: National
Country: United States of America
Policy license: copyright


Policy Title: Applications for New Awards; First in the World Program-Development Grants - Go to the policy
Author(s): U.S. Department of Education,
Description: The US Department of Education announced the First in the World grant competition, which will award a total of $75 million to a innovators who are interested in rethinking and redesigning higher education.

"To ensure that the Federal investment of these funds has as broad an impact as possible and to encourage innovation in the development of new learning materials, FITW grantees will be required to license to the public all intellectual property (except for computer software source code, discussed below) created with the support of grant funds, including both new content created with grant funds and modifications made to pre-existing, grantee-owned content using grant funds. That license must be worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and grant the public permission to access, reproduce, publicly perform, publicly display, adapt, distribute, and otherwise use the intellectual property referenced above (except for computer software source code, discussed below) for any purposes, conditioned only on the requirement that attribution be given to authors as designated. Further, the Department requires that all computer software source code developed or created with FITW funds will be released under an intellectual property license that allows others to freely use and build upon them."

Policy Comments:

The grant RFP specifies that all intellectual property resulting from grants be licensed openly (see above, in bold).

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