US: California: S.B. 1053 Creates the California Open Source Digital Library

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Date: 2012/09/06
Policy Status: Proposed
Language: en
Jurisdiction: Province / State
Country: United States,
Institution: California
Policy license: copyright

Tags: Public postsecondary education: California Digital Open

Policy Title: S.B.1053 (Creates the California Open Source Digital Library) - Go to the policy
Author(s): Asm Blumenfield, Asm Sororio, Sen Alquist, Sen Steinberg, Sen Liu, Sen Pavley, Sen Yee, Sen De León
Description: Bill for the purpose of housing open source materials while providing an Internet Web-based way for students, faculty, and staff to easily find, adopt, utilize, or modify course materials for little or no cost. The bill would require that the materials in the library bear a Creative Commons attribution license that allows others to use, distribute, and create derivative works based upon the digital material while still allowing the authors or creators of the material to receive credit for their efforts.

The bill would become operative only if SB 1052 becomes operative on or before January 1, 2013, and establishes the California Open Education Resources Council.

Policy Comments: