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So you're an admin of some kind, and you want to:

Add a new string

All of this assumes one has a checkout of assumes that one has a read/write checkout of svn+ssh:// One other important note is that CC uses two different PO files: The "normal" PO files with English keys and also PO files with logical keys, which are used by cc.engine to actually render the site.

  • ./i18n/trunk/po = English-key PO files
  • ./i18n/trunk/i18n = logical-key PO files (CC-style)


As the directory name implies, this is the "master" PO file. This is a CC-style PO file. You add your new strings to this file using whatever naming rules might be in effect for the type of string you are adding. Commit your change.


Once you have added your new string(s) you must run ./bin/sync with no arguments. This will propagate the new string(s) to all of the English-key PO files. Commit the many changes which should be visible in the ./i18n/trunk/po/ directory.

Make new string(s) available to Pootle

$ ssh
$ cd /var/www/
$ svn up

Add a new language to an existing project

Change an English string