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Creative Commons uses the online tool Pootle at to manage translations of our software projects. (To translate pages on this wiki, see CcWiki:Translate.)

Applications currently managed by are:


There are three Pootle tutorials you can watch and read:

  1. Setting up your account
  2. Making translations and suggestions
  3. Managing suggestions and previewing at staging

Other information

Getting Help

If you have questions about using Pootle or about the translation process, you can ask in the IRC channel, or by sending an email to If you are a CC affiliate on the CCi mailing list, you can use that instead.

Administering translations

Using suggestions

  •  ?

How to handle ${} strings

When you see ${license_name} in a string, that indicates a substitution (for the real license name). These are placeholders that the translation machinery uses; if you modify this placeholder, the real license name will never be substituted into your string.

As a result, DO NOT:

  • Translate the text ("license_name") into your own language
  • Remove the text
  • Reverse the order of characters because you have a right-to-left language (ie, "{license_name}$")