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Below you'll find existing translations for CC Documentation. Source files can be downloaded at Documentation#Creative_Commons_Explained.

Creative Commons Explained

Documents that aim to explain CC and licensing.

Fact sheets created by ccAustralia

Using the Creative Commons Licences

Using Creative Commons Content

CC Learn Productions

Top 5 Docs

These are in order of general relevance and promotion.

  1. CC Learn Explanations: Open Educational Resources and Creative Commons Licensing (pdf) (odt)
  2. CC Learn Recommendations: Why CC BY? (pdf) (odt)
  3. CC Learn Reports: What status for “open”? An examination of the licensing policies of open educational organizations and projects (pdf) (odt)
  4. CC Learn Recommendations: Publishing Your Open Educational Resources on the Internet (pdf) (odt)
  5. CC Learn Recommendations: Increase Funding Impact (pdf) (odt)

CC Learn Reports

CC Learn Explanations

CC Learn Step by Step Guides

CC Learn Recommendations