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== Videos ==
== Videos ==
Learn about Creative Commons with '''[http://support.creativecommons.org/videos/ CC videos]'''. Translation information and source assets for some videos can be found at [[Videos]].
Learn about Creative Commons with '''[http://support.creativecommons.org/videos/ CC videos]'''. View '''[[Translate/Videos | existing translations]]''' or contribute to our '''[http://dotsub.com/view/user/creativecommons subtitled videos on dotsub.com]'''.
Source assets for '''A Shared Culture''', '''Wanna Work Together''', '''Get Creative''', '''Reticulum Rex''', '''Media that Matters''', '''Mayer and Bettle''', and '''Mayer and Bettle: 2''' videos are available to enable translation.  You can find the downloads at the following locations:
=== A Shared Culture ===
* [http://blip.tv/file/get/Commonscreative-ASharedCulture944.mov Quicktime] (web)
* [http://blip.tv/file/get/Commonscreative-ASharedCulture211.ogv Ogg Theora] (HD)
* [http://beta.legaltorrents.com/torrents/205-creative-commons---a-shared-culture Original Video] (Torrent)
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/audio/asharedculture_dialogue.aif Dialogue Audio]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/audio/asharedculture_soundtrack.aif Soundtrack Audio]
* [http://creativecommons.org/videos/a-shared-culture Images]
* [[Videos/A Shared Culture/transcript | Transcript]]
=== Wanna Work Together ===
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/wwt-sources/animation.tar.bz2 Animation]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/wwt-sources/archive.tar.bz2 Archive]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/wwt-sources/audio.tar.bz2 Audio]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/wwt-sources/docs.tar.bz2 Docs]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/wwt-sources/dvd.tar.bz2 DVD]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/wwt-sources/wannaworktogether_dv.mov Quicktime (DV)]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/wwt-sources/wannaworktogether.mov Quicktime]
* [[Videos/Wanna Work Together/transcript | Transcript]]
=== Get Creative ===
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/getcreative/Creative_Commons_-_Get_Creative.fla Original Flash File]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/getcreative/Creative_Commons_-_Get_Creative.swf Flash Movie]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/getcreative/Creative_Commons_-_Get_Creative.mov Quicktime]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/getcreative/Creative_Commons_-_Get_Creative.ogg Ogg Theora Video]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/getcreative/cc.getcreative.bgm.zip Background Music]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/getcreative/cc.getcreative.script.txt Script]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/movingimages/get_creative.zip All Assets (ZIP)]
=== Reticulum Rex ===
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/reticulum_rex/Creative_Commons_-_Remix_Culture.fla Original Flash File]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/reticulum_rex/cc.remixculture.101906.mov Quicktime]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/reticulum_rex/Creative_Commons_-_Remix_Culture.mpeg MPEG]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/reticulum_rex/Creative_Commons_-_Remix_Culture.ogg Ogg Theora Audio]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/reticulum_rex/Commons.sit Video Font]
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/movingimages/reticulum_rex.zip All Assets (ZIP)]
* [[Videos/Reticulum Rex/transcript| Transcript]]
=== Media that Matters ===
* [http://blip.tv/file/get/Commonscreative-MediaThatMattersACCCaseStudy347.m4v h.264 M4V File] (Web)
* [http://blip.tv/file/get/Commonscreative-MediaThatMattersACCCaseStudy206.ogg Ogg Theora] (Web)
* [http://beta.legaltorrents.com/torrents/321-media-that-matters---a-cc-case-study Uncompressed Quicktime] (1.13gb .torrent)
* [http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/movingimages/arts_engine_assets.zip Additional Video Assets]
* [[Videos/Media That Matters/transcript | Transcript]]
=== Mayer and Bettle ===
* [http://creativecommons.org.au/materials/ccau.mov Quicktime Video]
* [http://creativecommons.org.au/materials/ccau-train-script.doc Script]
* [http://creativecommons.org.au/materials/CC-AU_ANIM_SRC.zip All Assets]
=== Mayer and Bettle: 2 ===
* [http://www.engagemedia.org/Members/elliottb/videos/CC_0408_512x288_lo_PAL.flv Flash File]
* [http://creativecommons.org.au/materials/Mayerandbettle2_script.doc Script]
== Documentations ==
== Documentations ==

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There are several opportunities for translators to get involved with Creative Commons projects.

Creative Commons uses Pootle to manage translations for the web site and our open source software projects. We wrote a set of tutorials on using Pootle for translations. Information on translating using gettext and poEdit is also available.


Check out the video tutorials in our Translating with Pootle guide!

The license engine, deeds and legal code hosted at creativecommons.org are all translated directly by CC jurisdiction partner institutions. While there are usually people at the partner institutions who handle these translations, you can suggest translations for them using our Pootle server.

For CC Project Leads
To set up translations for your jurisdiction's language(s), please:
1) Select one or more people to manage your translations
2) Each translator should create an account as described below
3) Email the translator usernames to CC CTO Nathan Yergler

For Translators
1) Go to http://translate.creativecommons.org and create an account
2) After confirming your email address, log in to your account
3) Click the "My account" link in the upper right, and then click "Change options"
4) In the "My Languages" list, select all languages which you will be translating for and click "Save Changes"

If you have not yet been approved to make translations in your language, and would like to contribute, please contact us, and we'll put you in touch with the appropriate administrators.


We'd like every page on this wiki to be translated into as many languages as possible. See CcWiki:Translate for details.


Learn about Creative Commons with CC videos. Translation information and source assets for some videos can be found at Videos.


View more documentation and existing translations of CC flyers, specifications, recommendations, white papers, and tutorials.

Top 5 Docs

These are in order of general relevance and promotion.

  1. What is Creative Commons? flyer (pdf) (scribd.com)
  2. What is Creative Commons? (pdf) (scribd.com)
  3. Sharing Creative Works Comics - A general introduction to copyright and CC licensing
  4. Licensing and Marking Content (pdf) (scribd.com)
  5. Creative Commons Integration With Your Website (pdf) (scribd.com)

Open source projects

Our open source project translations are maintained on our Pootle server. Create an account there and start translating!