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Creative Commons would like to work with you in creating a strong voice for openness around the world. There are many Creative Commons produced or curated materials that need translation.

As of January 2018, the Affiliate Network transitioned to a Global Network, where everyone - individuals and institutions - are welcome. The Creative Commons Global Network works together to realize our shared values and build relationships around the world. Interested in signing up? Become a member at

You can also join our Translation Working Group on Slack, to stay informed about materials that need to be translated or to suggest new materials. Below you'll find a list of materials that were translated or still need to be translated into various languages.

(Click on the column arrows to sort entries)

Material Translation status Translation workflow
Leaflet about CC 4.0 licenses In progress Link to Google Drive
Infographic about CC0 Translated Link to source file

Translating CC Deeds

The Creative Commons licenses have been adapted to the copyright laws of quite a few jurisdictions. Important materials such as the license engine and deeds should be localized. For information on this process, see the Translating CC Deeds page.


This wiki needs translated versions of pages. See the CC Wiki Translate page for instructions on creating a translated version of a page.

Case Studies

Case Studies are stories of individuals, projects, and companies who use Creative Commons. Translate a case study.


Creative Commons produces guides, documentation, white papers, and other media documenting the licenses. Go to the documentation page to see how you can help translate these resources.

Licenses and Legal Tools

Join projects working on translating the Creative Commons license suite and CC0 legal waiver into your local language.