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http://www.ruichipump.com/ -  - 类似网页
http://www.ruichipump.com/ -  - 类似网页
== [[ccLookup|CC Lookup]] ==
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CC Lookup is a tool to verify [[Embedded Metadata|embedded license]] information. [[MP3]] files tagged with [[ccPublisher]] carry information about what license was chosen for the file and a public URL where the license can be validated. If you've downloaded an audio file from [http://archive.org/ the Internet Archive] or a P2P network like [http://www.creativecommons.org/audio/publish-morpheus Morpheus] that claims to be Creative Commons licensed, this application will verify that for you. ccLookup is licensed under the GNU GPL.
[[cclookup|Download and read more about it]]
== [[Browser Plugin|Creative Commons Browser Plugins]] ==
== [[Browser Plugin|Creative Commons Browser Plugins]] ==

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Creative Commons has built a series of open source tools to assist end users in publishing and use of CC-licensed media. For more tools, including some developed by third parties, see Category:Tools.

If you're a developer looking for CC-enabled libraries and APIs see our developer portal and information about free and open source software licesnes at http://creativecommons.org/software/

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Creative Commons Browser Plugins

We have extensions for Mozilla-based browsers (including Firefox), to enable viewing of Creative Commons licenses within your browser automatically.

CC Search

http://search.creativecommons.org provides a unified interface to CC-enabled web and media-specific search engines.