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Introduction + Objectives of the project

As part of a one-year project designed to support and strengthen the work of CC’s Global Affiliate Network, CC is leading the development of a series of toolkits and learning materials. These materials are meant to promote the broad understanding and adoption of open policies and practices, and will be formed entirely from open content. .....


These toolkits will be primarily designed for use by global affiliate groups, both those that are established in the network and those that have yet to establish formal affiliation (sans MOU). Community members in these affiliate groups will range in experience level relating to Creative Commons history and current work, but we assume they have basic technology skills and are motivated to advocate for open policies and practices related to the subject areas these toolkits will focus on. Other audiences may make use of the instructional material, but some content may be less useful to audiences who have little or no knowledge of Creative Commons work or those who have limited access to technology.

The topics / some examples

How get involved - (small guide)

Working Groups (WG)

  • Lead production effort in subject area
  • Groups based on area of interest + skills
  • Special WG for Translations (led by Soo-Hyun)

Timeline/ Planning

- Agust 2013: Global Summit Buenos Aires
CC will be holding a session at the bi-annual CC Global Summit (Buenos Aires) to demo the toolkit project and hold an interactive time for content auditing, design discussion, and the formation of working groups.

Contact / Lead Organizers (HQ)

  • Jessica Coates (CC Global Community Manager)
  • Billy Meinke (CC Education Project Assistant)
  • Teresa Sempere García (Community Support Intern)