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== Featured Text sites ==
== Featured Text sites ==
* Main URL: http://www.unearthtravel.com
* Main URL: http://www.unearthtravel.com
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* Formats: books
* Formats: books
* Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: ?
* Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: ?
== HOWTO license and publish ==
== HOWTO license and publish ==

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This is a list of Creative Commons licensed text-based media. Please see the Books page and use it as a guide for how to lay out this one. Part of the original Text page is now ported here.

Types of Texts

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Please add your type here and help us make this list...

Featured Text sites



  • Main URL: http://www.unearthtravel.com
  • CC-only portal: all text is CC-licensed
  • CC-only feed: NA
  • Formats: text
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: Approx 1,000,000 words (as of 20061113)
  • Notes:

Public Library of Science

  • Main URL: http://plos.org
  • CC-only portal: everything is CC-licensed
  • CC-only feed: ?
  • Formats: text (with images)
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: all articles from PLoS Biology and PLoS Medicine

IntraText Digital Library

  • Main URL: http://www.intratext.com
  • Notes: The IntraText Digital Library is a full-text Digital Library committed to accuracy and accessibility, offering texts and corpora as lexical hypertexts. The IntraText interface is best experienced with a Tablet PC or touch screen
  • CC-only portal: almost all books and collections in the library are CC-licensed
  • CC-only feed: None
  • Formats: IntraText (HTML text+concordance) texts, collections and downloadable files
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: about 12 million pages in 40 languages (as of 2007.05.23)

Irish Literary Revival

  • Main URL: http://www.irishliteraryrevival.com/
  • CC-only portal: all books CC-licensed
  • CC-only feed: ?
  • Formats: PDF, Open Office, MS Word
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: 12 authors, 14 texts
  • Notes: previously published poetry and fiction books, out of print or circulation


  • Main URL: http://lulu.com
  • CC-only portal: none, but advanced search may be restricted to CC-only
  • CC-only feed: ?
  • Formats: books
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: ?

HOWTO license and publish

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