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Translated pages are translations of an original. That original changes through time and the translations become outdated. Template Diff since trans shows what changes have been done to the original page since the last translation.


{{Diff since trans|name of translated page|number of translated revision}}

The template creates a link that leads to the appropriate differences list, between the revision that was the basis of translation and the latest version of the page. In this way, it becomes easy for any user to verify whether the translation is synchronous with the original, and anyone can easily bring the translation back in synch by translating the changes shown in the diff list.

Note: Once a translation is synchronized again, please also update the number of the translated revision to reflect the new translated revision. You can find the revision number of any revision to a page, by visiting the corresponding history page and moving the pointer above any of the shown revisions; the revision number appears at the bottom of your browser window (in IE, at least.)

It is used in template {{Translated From}}, to place a "synchronise" link next to the appropriate language.


For example, say that page Pt:Página principal is a translation into European Portuguese of revision 34884 of the Main Page. So:

{{Diff since trans|Main Page|34884}}

in Pt:Página principal, creates a link that shows all changes to the Main Page since revision 34884, thus (follow the link to view the diff list):


   {{#show:  | ?Last revision#=}}
   | [[:|]]
   | (synchronise)


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