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This template simplifies the creation of articles about Content Registries. When inserted in a page, it creates a decorative table with information about the provider. It also takes care of annotating the given data semantically, so that users can easily find it or query it in other articles. Do not try to read this page's source code for learning table syntax – there are far easier ways of creating tables in MediaWiki.

To use this template, insert the following at the beginning of your page. All fields are optional and should be omitted if no information is available. The page name should reflect the name of the Content Registry.

  mainurl= The main URL of the site (ie: http://flickr.com)|
  ccportal= The URL for the CC-only portal (ie: http://flickr.com/creativecommons/)|
  ccfeed= The URL for the CC-only feed |
  size= Approximate size of the CC-licensed collection (ie: 1000)|
  cost= Registration Cost (ie: $5 / month)|
  lengthOfRegistration= (ie: 10 years)|
  sizeLimit= File size limit, if any (ie: 5000 characters)|
  onlineRegistration= Yes/No|
  serialNumbers= Yes/No|
  documentStorage= Yes/No|
  sha1hashing= Yes/No|
  onlineVerification= Yes/No|
  allRightsReserved= Yes/No|
  printedCertificates= Yes/No|
  cc_integration= Yes/No|
  orphanWorksProtection= Yes/No|
  permalinks= Yes/No|  
  metricsTracking= Yes/No|
  proofOfIdentity= Yes/No

The order of the fields is not relevant. The template should be given as the first thing on a page.

Otherwise, you can easily add articles by using a form, just go here

Printed Certificates 4Q2006 X X X All Rights Reserved X X X X CC Integration X X [4] Firefox/Word Press/Apple Plugins/APIs X X [5] CC Publish 4Q2006 1Qu2007 (bounty) Barcodes X Orphan Works Protection X X Use as Permalink X X DRM Licensing X 2Qu2007 Metrics Tracking X Rating/Feedback Tools X Forum + WIKI for each work Online Editor X Online Marketplace X Online Collaboration X Proof of Identity X Vouchor.com Full CAcert integration X Official Registrar U.S. Open Source / Standards X [6] Operated by Numly Inc. Registered Cooperative [3]


Formats are used to describe the types of works which a registry supports. See the content directory template for information on format identifiers.