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Information for everyone

Web Browser Plugins

A list of Creative Commons accessories you can use while browsing and searching the web.

Information for creators

HOWTO Tag HTML pages

When you choose a license for your works, you will be given markup to add to your web pages to help tag your works. This section covers the basics of how to do that, and best practices for formatting and placement.

How license embedding works in MP3s

An overview of how license metadata embedding works, how MP3 files can carry the information, and how it can be used by other applications.

Applications integrated with Creative Commons

If you'd like to incorporate your Creative Commons license into your other works, a few enterprising developers have created applications that do everything automatically.

Information for developers

Web Integration Developer's Guide

Have you developed a website or web application that you'd like to integrate Creative Commons licensing into for users? Our developer documentation explains all the options and best practices, including examples of the entire process.

Using Creative Commons Metadata

Information for developers looking to license and embed Creative Commons information into files that are HTML pages, RSS files, MP3 files, PDF, SMIL, and others.

Tech Challenges

Are you a developer interested in helping Creative Commons out? We've listed the top programming challenges we'd love to see someone take a chance at solving