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In support of the CC Uploader for Drupal

The field of public access TV has been sharing content between stations for over 30 years. In that light, Creative Commons licensing is a natural fit for the movement. I even wrote an article about it in 2004 here pg34.

As early as 2003, initiatives have been launched that have sought to enable a "digital bicycling" of files between stations. Due to the size of the files needed for TV broadcast and the demands that such a network put on the skill set of the Access television community there has not yet been widespread adoption of tools for content sharing.

The CC Uploader tool for Drupal will change that. It is a mature solution designed for the open source platform that is widely considered the standard for public access TV stations, Drupal. Its project lead understands the needs of the field and has developed a tool that will amplify the work done through the Open Media Project.

In the larger sense a tool such will enable the larger collaborative push to create a new ecosystem of public media.


Jason Daniels

Easton Community Access Television, Executive Director

Daniel Westergren

Open Channel Vaxjo, Sweden (and on the board of the National Association of Open Channels in Sweden, several open channels in Sweden would be interested in this as more and more move to Drupal because of these tools)

Brylie Oxley

I have wanted to facilitate the process of submitting community media to the Internet Archive for several years now. While iArchive has greatly improved the submission process, the CC Uploader is the most user friendly (drag-and-drop simple :-) solution that I have encountered. Integrating the CC Uploader design principles into a Drupal module would be an excellent community service! :-)