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I tried to upgrade from 1.0.3 to 2.0.1 and the update script just returns ccHost Installation not complete. So, I tried doing a 2.0 then a 2.0.1, and i got the same error. I don't have much in my database yet, so I suppose I can start from 0, but that isn't cool. . .

If I wrote over something I shouldn't have (I straight copied with Overwrite existing files turned on), the instructions need to be more specific. I don't mean to complain, just to put in some constructive crit.. =) I'd hate to have someone who has lots of stuff in their database lose everything because of a botched upgrade...

-Brenton April 13, 2006, 12:39AM

UPDATE: Maybe I was just being a dumbass and didn't rename ccadmin. I ended up backing up cc_tbl_user with flashmyadmin, reinstalling, and reimporting the user table. The error for this really should be more descriptive, or at least the update instructions should include a reminder regarding the ccadmin trigger. There's quite a difference between f%cking up your install in an upgrade and triggering a security warning. Speaking of which, how do I get certified by Sourceforge to help maintain this project?