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This page is meant to help people understand the best practices for tagging CC-licensed content on websites that do not directly support CC-licencing in their infrastructure.

Appropriate Tags

Creative Commons Tags

To denote a piece of Creative Commons licensed work, please use the following tags:

  • creativecommons
  • cc

License Tags

To differentiate between the various Creative Commons licenses, please use the following tags where applicable:

Main Licenses

  • attribution
  • noderivative
  • noncommercial
  • sharealike

Other Licences

  • developingnations
  • gnugpl
  • gnulgpl
  • founders
  • musicsharing
  • publicdomain
  • samplingplus

Media Description

License Reference

Included in the description for any media item should be a reference to the licence specifically chosen as well as a link to the licence URL.