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Google Summer of Code - Student Application Template for Creative Commons

Thanks for considering joining Creative Commons for your summer of code project! To help us in identifying you as a good candidate, we ask that you do a few things.

Creative Commons Questions

  • When did you first hear about Creative Commons?
  • Have you used Creative Commons Licenses and Tools before? For what sorts of things?
  • If you have participated in Creative Commons Developer Community previously, please describe what you've done (e.g. bug reports, questions on mailing list or IRC, etc.)
  • If you have contributed to Creative Commons before, please describe when and what you did (bug fixes, translations, packaging, testing, etc.)

About Yourself

  • Describe any plans you have over the summer in addition to GSoC, such as classes, a summer job, vacation plans, master's thesis, etc.
  • What programming projects have you done so far?
  • Have you worked on other open source projects before? If so, please list and describe what you did.
  • Please list other projects you are applying to for GSoC.


  • [SVN Checkout] some Creative Commons ccTools sourcecode through Subversion and review it. There are several projecs such as ccHost, ccPublisher. So, its important you drill down to the software you are interested in.
  • Introduce yourself on the Creative Commons Developer mailing list, and post your project ideas for feedback, before submitting your application