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Creative Commons is participating in Google's Summer of Code 2006 as a mentoring organization.

This page highlights ideas for Google Summer of Code student proposals and feature updates as the program progresses.


If you find an idea listed below that you like, we encourage you to read up about the Creative Commons Developer Community, ask questions, and then include the following in your proposal:

  1. Detailed description / design document
  2. an approximate schedule (timeline)
  3. brief description of past projects (including open source) that you've participated in
  4. brief resume/bio/contact information

Writing Proposals

The following links detail successfull general ways to write a Summer of Code Proposal:

Selection Criteria

Please read the Selection Criteria. Participants who read this will be much further along than others.


  1. Read up about the Creative Commons Developer Community
  2. Join the cc-devel mailing list and ask questions
  3. Join the Creative Commons chat channel, #cc, on


Student applications open on May 1, 2006 and close May 8, 2006. Final decisions by Creative Comons will be made by May 22, 2006 for submission to Google.

General Ideas

More ideas are avaible in the Tech Challenges section of the website. What follows is a generalized listing of quick ideas which any student may use to identify interests. Please do not be constrained by the ideas below, but please use them to jumpstart and understand the general areas we are interested in supporting.


Any new tools which support publishing of content licensed with a Creative Commons license

Find (Search)

Any new tools which support finding of content licensed with a Creative Commons license


The general tools created to work with Creative Commons licenses and content licensed with these licenses.


  • Extend ccHost to work with new media filetypes and push changes up-stream to getid3()
  • Setup and build a video version of using cchost.
  • Implement sample pool API in other web backends or software applications


  • Implement support for uploading works to ccHost installations. Note that this may require working with the ccHost codebase as well.
  • Implement support for embedding license metadata in additional file types; this support would be in the form of additions to the cctagutils library. Contact Nathan Yergler for details or specifics.
  • Implement back end support for other publishing platforms, such as Flickr, My Space, etc. Basic documentation on storage providers has been started.


Create an Open Source LiveCD which adds CC-licensed content and features the Creative Commons Tools. Also, one should make a way to keep in sync with mainline LiveCDs so that this project does not have to maintain its own LiveCD.


  • Integrate finding and publishing of CC licensed content directly within applications like, The Gimp, and [1]
  • Add support for selecting a license withing open source applications such as The Gimp or A successful implementation will use the web services to provide up to date license information.


  • Integrate finding and publishing of CC licensed content directly within the Open Source Desktop (think Gnome or KDE integration). A starting point for Gnome may be the prototype Nautilus extension for displaying license information embedded in MP3 files.
  • Extend the CC licensing extractor for Spotlight to support multiple file formats and polish it to release quality. Issues which must be addressed include extractor chaining and packaging.

Media Mixing

  • Build basic media mixing tools either for the Open Source Desktop or for the web (think AJAX) that allows for mixing of legal media files (photos, videos, music, etc) in order to create interesting remixes and art.


  • Develop plugins that utilize Creative Commons licenses and metadata in your favorite applications
  • Update and revise mozCC. New features needed include support for RDF/A embedded metadata and visualization of license information for specific elements (i.e. outlining an image if the metadata declares that the image is specifically licensed).

Web Mashups

  • Its all the craze! Develop some web mashups by combining multiple different web-based APIs (creative commons, amazon, google, flickr, to create a project that uses these APIs to help spread CC-licensing


  • Create scripts which add attribution and basic license information into media
    • Photos: this would create some basic graphical overlay to the image, or basic html wrappers around the content that says author name, license (url).
    • Other Media: Please propose other ways one could attribute authorship on the media itself


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