Submissions to Public Agencies/2015

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U.S. Department of Education Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Open Licensing Requirement for Direct Grant Programs

Statement about copyright-related aspects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Response to U.S. Copyright Office Request for Comments on Mass Digitization Pilot Program

Letter against extension of copyright term for photographs in Argentina

Coalition Letter to TPP negotiators to safeguard public's right to access and use copyrighted works

Letter to United States Trade Representative concerning TPP and orphan works

Letter to President Obama calling for administration support for OER

Japan: Release of Draft Urgent Appeal on TPP Intellectual Property Provisions and Call for Support and Opinions coalition letter "A Broad Base of Support for High-Quality Open Educational Resources"

Thank you letter to Congress RE: Re-introduction of FASTR

Joint Letter to Senator Ron Wyden to Oppose TPP Fast Track