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=== What do you mean by "Status as an educational resource"? ===
The majority of these sites are donated to us by organizations or individuals who curate their own repositories of educational resources. Because they have their own reasons for the inclusion of these sites, we also try to include most of them. However, in doing so, we are sometimes left with sites that may not be educational. To remedy this, we mark all sites with a status. There are three different types of status: good, questionable, and broken link.
=== What does "good" and "questionable" mean? ===
Generally, for the reasons noted above, we let most sites fall under the status of "good" if they offer some type of resource that can be deemed educational. In some cases, however, it is unclear whether a site is even educational; we mark these sites as "questionable". For all questionable sites, there is usually an explanation of why it was flagged in the notes below the info box.
=== What does "broken link" mean? ===
Because the internet is always changing, urls are in constant flux. Sometimes a site is under repair and the links on the site don't work one day, but work the next. Since we have no way of knowing if these links will work in the future, we flag all sites with broken links, especially if they appear to offer educational resources via those links. Of course, we invite you to change the status if those links work now.

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