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Staff Updates

Nathan Kinkade

  • I have finally finished finding, resolving and cleaning up the data for several bugs in CiviCRM and our custom one-click donation code.
  • I just lately upgraded our Drupal install to version 6.17 (from 6.15). Drupal runs Still need to upgrade a couple modules.
  • I'm currently upgrading our WordPress install (runs to version 3.0, and am working through some potential problems with our theme and/or a custom plugin that isn't working with the latest version.
  • Mentoring a Google Summer of Code student developing a CC WordPress plugin.
  • Answering emails to

Cameron Parkins

  • Finished design primer
  • Met w/ Creative Migration about integrating CC-licensing across their distribution plan for documentary work
  • Originating contacts for ease of use
  • Assisting with various fundraising tasks AD delegates me
  • Worked w/ Protagonize to help flesh out CC licensing options
  • Assisted TicTacDo w/ licensing questions
  • ASCAP web roundup assistance for ES

Alex Roberts

Mike Linksvayer

  • At COMMUNIA in Turin, meeting with a number of CC leads from affiliates in the region, especially with regards to Europeana, public domain, collecting societies, OER, metadata, affiliate upgrades, grant proposals review and planning Wikimania presentation with Alek Tarkowski (CC Poland) and Michelle Thorne.
  • Writing proposals for collaboration with related organizations.