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* Laying out the data requirements for project.  
* Laying out the data requirements for project.  
* Getting more in depth input from CC-people on their respective field.
* Getting more in depth input from CC-people on their respective field.
== Christopher Webber ==

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Call info

Staff Updates

Nathan Kinkade

  • I have finally finished finding, resolving and cleaning up the data for several bugs in CiviCRM and our custom one-click donation code.
  • I just lately upgraded our Drupal install to version 6.17 (from 6.15). Drupal runs http://support.creativecommons.org. Still need to upgrade a couple modules.
  • I'm currently upgrading our WordPress install (runs creativecommons.org) to version 3.0, and am working through some potential problems with our theme and/or a custom plugin that isn't working with the latest version.
  • Mentoring a Google Summer of Code student developing a CC WordPress plugin.
  • Answering emails to info@creativecommons.org

Cameron Parkins

  • Finished design primer
  • Met w/ Creative Migration about integrating CC-licensing across their distribution plan for documentary work
  • Originating contacts for ease of use
  • Assisting with various fundraising tasks AD delegates me
  • Worked w/ Protagonize to help flesh out CC licensing options
  • Assisted TicTacDo w/ licensing questions
  • ASCAP web roundup assistance for ES

Alex Roberts

Mike Linksvayer

  • At COMMUNIA in Turin, meeting with a number of CC leads from affiliates in the region, especially with regards to Europeana, public domain, collecting societies, OER, metadata, affiliate upgrades, grant proposals review and planning Wikimania presentation with Alek Tarkowski (CC Poland) and Michelle Thorne.
  • Writing proposals for collaboration with related organizations.

Timothy Vollmer

  • attending uspto-ntia symposium: copyright policy, creativity & innovation in the internet economy - july 1
  • OER Advocacy Coalition monthly call we discussed Common Core Standards and potential for integration with OER - discussing next steps
  • iNACOL K-12 OER survey sent out and responses trickling in - 48 so far
  • Wayne Mackintosh OER Policy interview up - http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/22470
  • spec-ing out CC materials for inclusion in potential OER toolkit for educational technology directors
  • meeting up with Michael Edson from Smithsonian to discuss OER aspects of Smithsonian Commons project

Kaitlin Thaney

  • Last week at CC - very bittersweet. will miss you guys and gals. :)
    • lots of transition emails
    • handing over reigns to grant management, other tasks, programmatic work
  • Sage
    • second Workstream telecon, already starting to prepare for next year of work on issues such as citation, standards, tools and internationalization for global data sharing. public engagement group is new this year, and a very important component moving forward.
  • Semantic Resources Collaboration
    • prepping with the team a means of moving forward and achieving pre-established goals / deliverables.
  • Grant renewals, grant renewals, grant renewals.
  • Sent out next funder dispatch. You can find an archive of them here: http://sciencecommons.org/resources/funder/dispatches/ and more at http://sciencecommons.org/resources/funder/
  • Logistical tidying up. Shipping SC Cambridge office boxes to SF headquarters, goodbyes, etc.

Tal Niv

  • Writing and rewriting the general structure for the CC-C(ontribution) white paper
  • Working my way through it – starting to draw up an outline for each chapter.
  • Setting on a theoretical infrastructure
    • institutional analysis
    • transaction cost economics,microanalysis
    • art as innovation
  • Laying out the data requirements for project.
  • Getting more in depth input from CC-people on their respective field.

Christopher Webber