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=2011 Internal Evaluation=
=2011 Internal Evaluation=
Network with artists
Network with artists
Make easier to use CCL contents by upgrading 'Let's CC'
Make easier to use CCL contents by upgrading 'Let's CC'
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Promote friendly relations with public and private sectors
Promote friendly relations with public and private sectors
"Need more effort"
'''Need more effort'''
Still not enough fiscal self-reliance although it is continually increasing
Still not enough fiscal self-reliance although it is continually increasing
Need to attract more individual & corporate members
Need to attract more individual & corporate members

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[ Creative Commons Korea Association] (NGO)

Jongsoo Yoon
Country Code

Visit the jurisdiction's website. The Creative Commons South Korea license suite is available in the following version. License your work under these licenses, or choose the international licenses. More info.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the localization of the license suite.

Creative Commons is working with Creative Commons Korea Association to create Korea jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CC Korea List

Project Lead: Jongsoo Yoon

About Jurisdiction

Until 2008 the CC project in the Korean jurisdiction had been initiated and led by the team of volunteers at KAFIL (Korea Association for Info-Media Law), the leading law association for information law issues in Korea. With the aim to broaden and improve the management of project activities, KAFIL decided to separate the team of volunteers into an independent legal entity and let the new entity take over the CC jurisdiction project.

Consequently, the Creative Commons Korea Association (CC Korea) was founded in January, 2009. As a not-for-profit incorporated association, CC Korea started its activities as the official CC project team in Korea. CC Korea consists of various individuals and corporation members. They will reach decisions for CC Korea through general meetings regarding key management issues. The members also have an obligation to make financial contributions to maintain and run CC Korea. In particular, individual members can be a member of the board or voluntary staff. As of 2009, about thirty to forty voluntary staff with various backgrounds, such as lawyers, students, artists, professors, businessmen and so on, are taking part in many projects to promote open culture including spreading CC in Korea.


Korea Association for Infomedia Law (KAFIL)

KAFIL was found in 1996 by distinguished leadership of Judge Chan-Hyun Hwang. KAFIL is an abbreviation of Korea Association for Info-Media Law, so it has focused on information law issues. KAFIL is unique especially in its member composition. The majority of regular member is judges and public prosecutors. So, it has situated itself as the leading law association in Korea bridging academicians and legal professionals. KAFIL has operated annual symposium schedule usually in June, and three other academic seminars annually. Also, it has held case study workshops on bimonthly basis which has been a hot debatable forum among legal professionals. KAFIL also published its own law journal on biannual basis.

For more information about KAFIL, visit http://www.kafil.or.kr/

2011 Internal Evaluation

Good Network with artists Make easier to use CCL contents by upgrading 'Let's CC' ('Let's CC is a CCL contents search engine service) Continue to process various projects in multiple fields Promote friendly relations with public and private sectors

Need more effort Still not enough fiscal self-reliance although it is continually increasing Need to attract more individual & corporate members Lack of action taking with domestic issues Decrease of volunteer activity

p11 2012 Priorities Keywords Expand the role / Influence society / Branding / CC Brand Image Extend network / Sustainability / Volunteer projects

1. Expand the role & Influence society Expand the role not only to the copyrights and CCL but also to the larger fields such as online or IT culture, law, policy, and technology In order to achieve this, forming and extending network are crucial.

2. Branding Promote a representative model to spread CC's mission and CCKorea's image

3. Campaign for correcting misunderstandings on CCL Must correct portal users' misunderstandings on CCL

p14 Projects Creator Conference Description Lecture conference project similar to TED that shares artists' experiences and their creative works Effect Expect CC image shift to a positive branding Strengthen the relationship and network with artists Schedule Sep, 2012 Co-work organization Tumblbug, Korea Arts Management Service, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

p15 Gov 2.0 Description Organize Government 2.0 forum - Organize Gov 2.0 forum with experts in private sectors and expect the forum to become a leader in this movement in private sectors Mash-up Camp Camp-based event that developers use PSI to mash-up Web Service or App Strategy Create productive results among Gov 2.0 project and drag attention Attempt to make them the new Government's main strategy Schedule July, 2012 Co-work organization Venture Square, Seoul City, Ministry of public administration and security, NHN, Daum, Google

p16 Expert Forum Description Organize specialized forum with experts in various fields like law, education, business, etc. Post articles on blog regularly or feature on BLOTER.NET Active participation in occasion of domestic online/IT issues through the forum Effect Increase influences to the society by expanding the role Schedule Apr, 2012 ~ Dec, 2012 Co-work organization BLOTER.NET

p17 CC Salon in Seoul Description Regular offline talk show party about creator network, CCL case studies, and volunteer project Share information and promote networking Effect Increase network by regular meeting Positive branding effect Schedule 4 times in 2012 Co-work organization Lounge A

p18 "Let's CC" Upgrade Description Multi-language support, Open source, support API on portal Need to communicate with domestic search engines in depth in order to include their services to "Let's CC" Effect Increase CCL contents use and understand of CCL Schedule Nov, 2012 Co-work organization Korea Copyright Commission

p19 Volunteer Projects Description Necessity of independent and sustainable volunteer-based projects Volunteers have limit to join office-based project Strategy Financial support to self-driven 1 project per 1 person Separate projects by interests and activities On-going CC Youth (Interview), Become Creator (Mobile App develop),  Global Reporter, Mimi & Eunice Cartoon Translation