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Date: 2014/06/27
Policy Status: Current
Language: en
Jurisdiction: National
Country: South Africa,
Institution: Department of Higher Education and Training
Policy license: copyright

Tags: government

Policy Title: South Africa: Policy Framework for the Provision of Distance Education in South African Universities - Go to the policy
Author(s): Department of Higher Education and Training
Description: "5.2 Collaborative development of high quality learning programmes and resources and use of OER

5.2.1 High quality learning resources are integral to high quality distance education and a growing reliance on resource-based learning among universities generally is noted.

5.2.2 To avoid unnecessary duplication and to encourage increased quality by opening learning resources to public scrutiny, the DHET will pursue the adoption or adaptation, in accordance with national needs, of an appropriate Open Licensing Framework, such as the Creative Commons, for use by all university stakeholders, with an overarching policy framework on intellectual property right and copyright in university education. In particular, in line with the Unesco Paris Declaration on OER of 2012, learning resources developed partly or wholly using public funds administered by the DHET will be published under an open license that encourages their use and adaptation for reuse. The DHET will advocate similar practices in other Government Departments.

5.2.3 Teaching Development Grants will be utilised to encourage collaborative development and use of OERs."

Policy Comments:

Policy was drafted in 2012, published/adopted in 2014.