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Creative Commons operates source repositories at Sourceforge (CVS) and Berlios (Subversion). We welcome contributions and developers to any of the CC projects.

Contributing Code

When submitting code to a Creative Commons code repository, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Unless explicitly noted for a particular project, all code contributions are licensed to the public under the MIT License. One project which does not fall under this policy is ccPublisher; contributions to ccPublisher are licensed under the GNU GPL.
  2. Committing a change or addition to the source repository grants a one-half interest (including rights, title, copyright and intellectual property) in the contribution to Creative Commons. XXX this language lifted from the Zope contributors agreement; could it use refinement?
  3. General committ privileges to the repository are granted after the submission of one patch to an existing project (i.e. ccPublisher) or if a developer has an initial implementation of new code (i.e. a language-specific wrapper for CC licenses).

Starting a Project

New projects which advance the use of Creative Commons licensing in software are welcome to be housed in the CC code repository. New projects will be stored int the Subversion repository. Note that the above terms (Contributing Code) apply. If you are interested in starting a project you should:

  1. Send details of your idea and project to the cc-devel mailing list. These details should include a clear statement of the goals for your project.
  2. Contact NathanYergler for actual creation of the project in Subversion and developer access. Note that if discussion of the project has not happened on the mailing list, the request will be bounced there for discussion prior to project creation.