SoC 2006: Banshee

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What is it?

Banshee-ccLicenser is a Google Summer of Code (SoC) project that enables Banshee users to view, validate, and manipulate license metadata which is embedded in media files.

Google SoC Timeline (2006)

Project start (May 23)

May 24

  • Planning and Design
    • Poke around in code and network with other developers

Notes: I'm in Russia durring this time and do not have adequate computer resources for coding.

June 11

  • Lay out Banshee code for initial proof-of-concept code
    • Modify database to handle basic license information
    • Update library view to show database changes

Notes: The current state of Banshee will make modifying the database and PlaylistView difficult. The library view is hardcoded and a large amount of time will have to be devoted to designing an acceptable license view addition.

June 18

Notes: Many updates have been made to the way license metadata is storied in the ID3 tags. More attention will be given to updating entagged-sharp to these changes if not already done.

June 25

Mid-project (June 30)

July 2

  • Add claim validation functionality
    • Write necessary network code
    • Implement XML parsing of page claim validation

July 16

  • Banshee plugin abstraction (tentative)
    • Modify and update Banshee plugin API to handle database and library view access
  • Abstract Banshee-ccLicenser to plugin API

Project end (August 21)