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Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory (NGO)
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Luka Frelih
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Programme & Projects (roadmap) / DRAFT

  • Date submitted: 15 June, 2011
  • Timespan of this roadmap: 2011-2012

CC Slovenia Team

Legal Project Lead: Jernej Pusser, Intellectual Property Institute.

Counsel to Legal Lead: Maja Bogataj Jančič, Intellectual Property Institute.

Public Project Lead: Alenka Pirman, Luka Frelih, Živa Zupan (coordinator), Dare Pejić (researcher), Marko Brumen (PR consultant), Špela Kučan and Mitja Doma (senior consultants) Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory (LJUDMILA).

Date of earliest MOU in jurisdiction: October 2005

Self-Identified Region: Europe (member of EU since 1 May 2004)


Apart from the regular work, defined by the Memorandum of Understanding, CC Slovenia will focus on three major tasks:

Argumentative Tools (Individual Approach)

The usage of the CC licences in Slovenia has been increasing (especially in the fields of non-profit media and on-line publishing, nevertheless, the basic issue remains the author's incapability to reject the unfavourable conditions, dictated by the industry (all rights reserved) and to be able to negotiate for a better deal. In 2011-2012 we intend to focus on providing argumentative tools for them in the form of an on-line and printed manual.


  • MANUAL: on-line, printed, flowcharts
  • PUBLIC DEBATE: with topical guest speakers
  • MEDIA PRESENTATIONS: contact shows on national and alternative radio stations, articles in the printed media
  • BOOKI TOOL: an international team of FLOSS Manuals developers will adjust the BOOKI tool for collective book writing to suit the needs of various international community groups. The licensing options will be expanded (to all CC licences) and the tool will be promoted by BOOKI SPRINTS (collective writing events). Ljubljana will become a hub for this development as well as one of the promotors of this free culture tool.

Free Archives (Institutional Approach)

Apart from the individual authors the need to rethink the copyright policies is experienced by the public institutions such as archives, libraries, and museums. Through close collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the National University Library (and according to the Europeana standards), and in collaboration with Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012 we have been addressing these institutions, introducing them to the alternative licensing possibilities and developing a case of good practice - an independent bank of free images on a national level which will reach some 3000 objects by the end of 2012 (a conservative guess).


  • CULTURE.SI PORTAL: development and building of the Free Image Bank section
  • LETTERS TO DIRECTORS: an intense correspondence is taking place with the goal of individually contacting all Slovene cultural and heritage institutions, organisations, foundations, and agencies by the end of 2012 in order to introduce CC as the alternative licensing opportunity.
  • PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS: targeted presentations of the benefits of such tools and freely available archives to focused groups (foreign governmental cultural centres, embassies, media, producers, researchers ...)

Free Cultural Policies

In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture we are preparing a case of good practice for the on-line publishing and promotion of culture on the national, regional and international levels. The software, tools and portals that LJUDMILA has been developing was presented at the ASEF meeting in Singapore (2010). The basic goal is to encourage the governments to share and complement the free content as well as to secure the interoperability of their agents, also with the help of CC licences. The team also actively participates in the public debates on the related issues (e-content and e-services in culture, re-use of public sector information etc) in close collaboration with the Sector for Analyses, Strategies and Cultural System, Ministry of Culture.


  • NETWORKING: establishing an international network of partners in order to further develop the tools for national, regional and artistic disciplines' agencies with the embedded CC philosophy
  • MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENTS: media coverage of the above

Sustainability and funding

LJUDMILA funds the material costs of its CC-related activities through the scarce basic programme funding (two principal funders being Municipality of Ljubljana and Ministry of Culture), through the national Multimedia Centres Network and partly also through the earned income. Most of the expert work, however, is on the voluntary basis. Through the international networking we plan to apply for additional funds in 2012/13.

Partners in 2011-2012



More about Intellectual Property Institute

The Intellectual Property Institute (IPI) is a research, academic and training institution in the field of intellectual property law. It was founded in 2004 and is the first institution of its kind in Slovenia. The Institute conducts research, provides education and offers training opportunities in the field of intellectual property law. The primary focus of its activities is to explore the challenges that digitalisation has brought to intellectual property law and are important for the progress of an information-based society. The Institute aims to work in close cooperation with Slovenian universities, research institutions, industry, art centres and civil society groups. Its aim is to create a strong network of partnership with researchers and research institutions at home and abroad. Since its recent founding, the Institute has participated in many discussions regarding various intellectual property issues, and managed to mark the landscape of the debate with its perspective.

For more information visit Intellectual Property Institute or contact Maja Bogataj Jančič

More about LJUDMILA

Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory was established in 2010 by 10 new & all media artists, developers, hackers, programmers, and computer engineers, previously engaged in the Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, a programme of KUD France Prešeren Arts and Culture Association.

LJUDMILA is a successor of the media lab established in 1994 and has extensive experience connecting new media technologies and artistic projects as well as encouraging broader, savvier and more creative uses of new technologies. Ljudmila is devoted to free software, open source programming and promotes free culture.

Initially funded by the OSI-Slovenia Internet program, LJUDMILA has grown into a well-equipped digital media lab that focuses on digital production as well as education, research and development of open standards software. It also provides knowledge, equipment, Internet access, web sites, electronic publishing and other affordable networking services to non-governmental and non-profit organizations, art collectives, active individuals, and others.

For more information visit LJUDMILA's website or contact Živa Zupan.