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Please read the disclaimer.

Porting status: Porting status::Completed|(add data)}}
Porting started: Porting started::|(add data)}}
License published: License published::2008/07/25|(add data)}}
Mailing list archive URL: Mailing list archive URL::|(add data)}}
Involved institutions: {{#arraymap: Centre for Asia Pacific Technology Law & Policy (CAPTEL)|,|xyz|Involved institutions::xyz}}|(add data)}}


Pre-port Questionnaire

Has the jurisdiction completed a pre-port questionnaire? Completed PPQ::No

Public Discussion Report

Has the jurisdiction submitted a Public Discussion Report? Completed Public Discussion Report::No

Upload report: {{#if: |[[Media:|Download Public Discussion Report]]|}}

Select all license sections discussed in the uploaded Public Discussion Report: {{#arraymap: |,|xyz|PDR discusses::xyz}}

Substantial Changes Report

Has the jurisdiction submitted a Substantial Changes Report? Completed Substantial Changes Report::Yes

Upload report: {{#if: SG SCD.pdf|Download Substantial Changes Report|}}

Select all license sections discussed in the uploaded Substantial Changes Report: {{#arraymap: Adaptation/Derivative Work, Fair Dealing/Fair Use/Exceptions/Limitations, Licensing Schemes/Collecting societies, Moral Rights/Author's rights, Publicly Perform|,|xyz|SC discusses::xyz}}

{{#set: License jurisdiction=}}