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==''Sharing Creative Works: An Illustrated Primer''==
#REDIRECT [[Sharing Creative Works]]
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default [[Sharing Creative Works PG 1 | Begin!]]
''Sharing Creative Works'' is a new comic about Creative Commons. It will serve as documentation for the [[OLPC_Activity| OLPC licensing activity]] as well go on the CC website for general education purposes.
Please share your feedback on the talk page, either of the index or the pages of specific panels. Thanks!
<big>[[Sharing Creative Works PG 1 | Begin!]]</big>
* Art by [[User:Alex Roberts |Alex Roberts]] & [[User:Rebecca Rojer |Rebecca Rojer]]
* Text by [[User:Rebecca Rojer |Rebecca Rojer]], [[User:Jon Phillips|Jon Phillips]] & [[User:Alex Roberts |Alex Roberts]]
* Thanks to [[User:paulproteus |Asheesh Laroia]], [[User:Virginia Rutledge |Virginia Rutledge]], [[User:Ahrash Bissell |Ahrash Bissell]], [[User: Mike Linksvayer |Mike Linksvayer]], [[User: Eric Steuer |Eric Steuer]], [[User:Diane Cabell |Diane Cabell]], & [[User:Lawrence_Lessig |Lawrence Lessig]]
=== Copyright Notice ===
This comic is in the [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/publicdomain public domain].
However, please note that the CC logo is a registered trademark of Creative Commons. Creative Commons also claims trademarks on its license buttons. For more information, please review our [http://creativecommons.org/policies trademark policies].
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-01.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 1 | Page 1]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-01.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-02.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 2 | Page 2]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-02.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-03.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 3 | Page 3]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-03.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-04.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 4 | Page 4]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-04.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-05.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 5 | Page 5]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-05.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-06.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 6 | Page 6]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-06.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-07.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 7 | Page 7]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-07.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-08.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 8 | Page 8]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-08.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-09.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 9 | Page 9]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-09.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-10.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 10 | Page 10]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-10.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-11.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 11 | Page 11]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-11.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-12.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 12 | Page 12]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-12.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-13.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 13 | Page 13]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-13.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-14.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 14 | Page 14]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-14.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-15.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 15 | Page 15]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-15.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-16.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 16 | Page 16]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-16.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-17.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 17 | Page 17]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-17.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-18.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 18 | Page 18]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-18.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-19.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 19 | Page 19]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-19.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-20.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 20 | Page 20]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-20.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-21.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 21 | Page 21]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-21.svg |svg]])
Image:Sharing creative works_IMG-22.png|[[Sharing Creative Works PG 22 | Page 22]] ([[Media:Sharing creative works_IMG-22.svg |svg]])

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