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(<span style="font-size: 130%; color: rgb(90, 122, 199);">The Next CC Second Life EVENT is JANUARY 18, 2007 from 6-8pm Pacific time</span>)
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* [[SL Upcoming Events]]
* [[SL Upcoming Events]]
** [[CC Mixter and Sound systems in SL]]
** [[CC Mixter and Sound systems in SL]]
** [[CC Faire]]
** [[CC Marketplace]]
* SL Past Events
* SL Past Events

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Creative Commons has land on Joi Ito's parcel in Second Life. Click here to be teleported to it through your Second Life client.

The Creative Commons Second Life Salon's goal is to build a community in Second Life around Creative Commons licenses and standards through events and projects in the virtual world, Second Life.

See Upcoming List of 2007 events


TBD - contact Jennifer (IM: Genevieve Junot) to discuss/add ideas for "CC in SL" events





Every 3rd Thursday of the month @ 4pm PST/SL - unless otherwise noted!!


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