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Sarey Savy (born March 1, 1996) is an Cambodian-American aspiring singer-songwriter. A contestant on America's Got Talent. He has modeled for Explore Talents. He also recieved great recognition through REA[1]

Music Career

Sarey born to single mother Savy Phok currently resides in Seattle, Washington. Sarey is a part of Cambodian and American. Growing up with talented singers in Sarey's family. Sarey's sister is a vocalist, and Sarey's mom is a vocalist his aunt is an occasional singer and his uncle is a singer/keyboardist. Ever since Sarey grouped with his sister's boyfriend Jess Conners Sarey has made some successful songs. Sarey has been compared by friends to Jessica Sanchez & R.Kelly.

America's Got Talent

Sarey's career began when he auditioned for "America's Got Talent" on April 26, 2009. Sarey sang "Apologize" by OneRepublic, but did not make it. Rumors have said that Sarey's audition did not show up on Television, nor did he audition in front of the real judges. After the audition a few weeks later Sarey was sent emails for many roles in big hit movies such as Twilight, and MTV's Bully Beatdown. However, Sarey denied the roles because the singer says "I want to focus on music right now".

Week # Theme Song choice Original artist Order # Result
Audition N/A "Apologize" OneRepublic N/A Cut

"Post Talent"

During, 2009 Sarey stated on September 23rd on his official myspace[2] that the work on his debut album Black & White is now on the works with producer Jess Conners. Working with "The Profit Productions" a small mini recording studio the singer said they started. Sarey has had some songs confirmed and recorded although as of January 2010 there is no third single. As of january 14th, 2010 Sarey stated on his official myspace his new album is called "Black & White". There are rumors that Cambodian singer Viki Sath is teaming up with Sarey to form a group unamed.

On July 1, 2009 Sarey stated to Soundclick that Sarey was releasing his first single on October 16, 2009 or earlier then the confirmed date as the singer said on Twitter. Sarey has also said that the single is named "Gone" due to the fact that Sarey's official Myspace upload privileges are currently suspended, Sarey will not upload the single to his myspace. Sarey has uploaded a preview to Soundclick [3] Sarey has also said he was performing the new single in front of the public soon. Soundclick and the Australia Charts have got to listen to it first. [4] A bonus track was recorded on May 2009 for Sarey's EP however it did not make the cut to becoming the single's second track so the singer decided to move it as a bonus track, and has hit the Soundclick charts as #25 for the category Rock. However, Sarey is not listed on the Rock charts anymore for taking out "Don't Stop Believin'". As of August 7, 2009 Sarey has been nominated for "Best Dance-Pop Sad Song Of The Year" and talks about being nominated to the Seattle Music Charts Official Site. It is rumored that the singer has been placed in the "Canadian Hot 100 and Dutch's MegaCharts although the owners of both charts believe Sarey will be placed somewhere on the chart when they get the first listen. Sarey also states "I want to be a part of the NOH8 campaign. I want to do photographies with Adam Bouska but, i'm probably too young". chuckles the singer. Says Sarey. As of October 2009 Gone was placed no where on Dutch's music charts nor Canadian hot 100. The work on the album Black & White has been stalled due to Sarey can't figure out the third track nor single.


"Sarey has became the singer for teens on Myspace. Nobody else gets the spotlight" - Adam Administrator Of The REA Awards

"All You Got Is American Idol!" -Worker From Daystar

"Little teen, Big Voice for a boy" -Adam, Administrator Of Soundclick

"Filthy" -Hood' Known' Record's Recording Studio Staff

"Going Somewhere far soon not too long" -Recording Explorer Association





Collaborations/Other Tracks

Please see Sarey's Other Songs

Awards & Nominations

Year Theme Song choice Original artist Result
2009 Recording Explorer Association Silver Award "Gone" Sarey Savy Won Voted By Famecast
2010 Recording Explorer Association Gold Award "Crank It Up" Sarey Savy Nominated By Famecast


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