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File Type Information
Supports embedding license URL: supports_license_url::True
Supports embedding web statement: supports_web_statement::True
Supports embedding more permissions: supports_more_permissions::True
Metadata Location: [[Metadata location::{{{metadata_location}}}]] | (unknown) }}
Metadata Format: [[Metadata format::{{{metadata_format}}}]] | (unknown) }}

RSS 1.0 is a syndication (feed) format. The specification was published December 6, 2000. A module specification has been published for inclusion of licensing information in the feed.

Specifying a License

RSS 1.0 is encoded as RDF/XML. A license may applied to a channel, entry or image by adding an appropriate triple. The predicate should be Older deployments may exist which use as the root of the Creative Commons namespace.

The following example shows licensing at both the channel and entry levels.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 


  <channel rdf:about="">
    <description>Meerkat: An Open Wire Service</description>
    <cc:license rdf:resource="" />

        <rdf:li resource="" />


  <item rdf:about="">
    <title>XML: A Disruptive Technology</title> 
    <cc:license rdf:resource="" />

Additional Metadata