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:::'''[[Publish/Internet Archive|How to publish on Internet Archive]]'''
:::'''[[Publish/Internet Archive|How to publish on Internet Archive]]'''
      The secret Pandora's box is actually female ejaculation, so this is a habit only unknown in the West.
      The church through its theology forbade this habit in women.
      The culmination of that repression was the holy inquisition and women who have died in the fires, accused of being witches, were those that refused to quit.
      The decision was taken by the church of San Tomas Aquino based on two discoveries of Aristotle. The first is that orgasm was not necessary for fertilization female as previously believed in Rome. The second is that it is responsible for increasing sexual desire in women.
    The myth of Pandora's box was an original teaching in African tribes that exist today where elders teach the young women to ejaculate before marriage.
    The myth disappeared because it was forbidden by the church, that explains his mysterious disappearance and was revived when modified. The vessel was replaced by a box and it was closed because it was responsible for bringing all evil mankind.
    For more information visit www.osegredodepandora.com

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