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:::'''[[Publish/Text/Blogger|How to publish on Blogger]]'''
:::'''[[Publish/Text/Blogger|How to publish on Blogger]]'''
==Blog resources==
==Blog resources==

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Scribd is a community for uploading and sharing documents that has enabled CC licensing.

How to publish on Scribd


Slideshare 550x150.png

SlideShare is a community for sharing presentations, documents, and PDFs under CC licenses. Various professionals are linked through sub-communities via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

How to publish on SlideShare

Internet Archive

Internet archive logo.jpg

The Internet Archive is a digital library of internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form, including audio, moving images, texts, and archived web pages. See the Case Study for more information.

How to publish on Internet Archive



WordPress blue.png

WordPress is a blogging platform and self-hosted blogging tool. In addition to easily setting a default CC license for your blog, WordPress widgets and plugins exist to make CC licensing easier.

How to publish on WordPress


Blogger logo.jpg

Blogger is Google's blogging platform. Using the HTML that is generated when you choose a license, you can easily publish your blog under a CC license.

How to publish on Blogger

Blog resources

Other communities