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[draft 3 jan 2013]


  • Funding sources and large donors - check with Sara C and Cathy - full 990s contain donors over certain level, but we should ask them or have a process setup to get their permission to post this if we are to include the full 990 (DC doesn't retain that section on the ibiblio website)
  • Board reports -
    • what about some version of more detailed minutes? - DC says board would have to approve
    • Paul B should continue doing the blog about the high level takeaways from the board meetings (including the december 2012 meeting)


  • Conflict of interest, Codes of Conduct, other policy documents (DC says probably not)
  • Non-audited balance and profit/loss (DC says we don't have this because we're audited every year)
  • Annual budgets (DC says probably no as might contain salaries and Board would have to approve the posting of these)
  • Board minutes - DC says probably not