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*** Data-specific
*** Data-specific
** Chooser/generator for metadata, including CC0
** Chooser/generator for metadata, including CC0
** FAQ
** Updates to other pages on the website
** Deprecation notice on PDDC
* CC0 upgrade:
* CC0 upgrade:
** Norms (Deed support)
** Norms (Deed support)
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** Deed tweaks
** Deed tweaks
** Chooser updated to support norms
** Chooser updated to support norms
*  Blog post and other announcements
*  Fundraising pitch
= Deadline =
= Deadline =

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  • PD Mark Deed:
    • Norms
      • General purpose at v0.5
      • Data-specific
    • Chooser/generator for metadata, including CC0
  • CC0 upgrade:
    • Norms (Deed support)
    • CC0 + PDM
    • Deed tweaks
    • Chooser updated to support norms


  • August 30, 2010


  • Revise mockup deeds [AR: August 3] [DONE]
  • Constituent/stakeholder consultation kickoff [DP: EOB August 3] [DONE 5 Aug]
  • Send iconography for feedback to stakeholders [ML: EOB August 3]
  • Comments due [DP: August 18]
  • Metadata specification (norms, CC0+PDM) draft [NRY: August 16]
  • Deeds, chooser/generator on staging [Tech: August 20]
    • Chooser will support dual-"license" with CC0
  • PDM FAQ [DP: August 20]
  • Public Domain page revisions [DP: August 20]
  • PDDC Deprecation [August 30]

Other Notes

  • PD Mark Button
  • Norms icon -- checkbox OK
  • "Public Domain" logo for deed
    • crossed-C (Wikipedia)
    • open circle (Flickr)
    • other options
      • open door
      • building blocks
      • "open" culture
  • Norms metadata
    • coarse, CC+ level
      • can explore additional ways to annotate that page later
    • citation (attributionName, attributionURL)
  • Example CC0 + PDM metadata

Tech Roadmap

PDM Chooser

The PDM will have a "chooser" for generating mark metadata. This will live at http://creativecommons.org/choose/pdmark [tentative]. This will be a two-page chooser, similar to the main license chooser. This will require changes to cc.license as well as cc.engine.

The first page will consist of:

  • An introductory paragraph, to be supplied by legal
  • The following fields:
    • Work name
    • Creator
    • Curator (this label will probably change)
    • Curator URL
    • Norms URL
    • Do you waive any incidental rights under CC0? (true/false)

The second page will be a "normal" results page.

Metadata (XHTML + RDFa)


<a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/"> <img src="http://i.creativecommons.org/l/mark/1.0/88x31.png" style="border-style: none;" alt="Public Domain Mark" /> </a>
This work is free of copyright restrictions.

Work title provided:


Curator provided:


Incidental rights waived under CC0:


Norms specified



We'll be rolling out a visually distinct identity for public domain deeds (as opposed to license deeds).

PDM Deed

PDM will have a deed that optionally shows metadata from the referrer. See http://labs.creativecommons.org/demos/pd/ for mockups of with and without.

CC0 Deed

The CC0 deed will be updated at the same time with a refreshed visual look that and with support for norms.

Metadata Scraper

The metadata scraper will need to be updated to support extraction of information for PD Mark and CC0. This includes:

  • work information
  • attribution/citation statement
  • norms statement

It may make sense to add another method to the scraper that knows how to extract/format for public domain deeds

Deed Javascript

The deed javascript has been dramatically simplified with the rollout of the new scraper. We'll need javascript that meshes with the Metadata Scraper call above for PDM/CC0 deeds.