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Suggested Timeframe: one-two months

Transform the licenses

Once CC, the Legal Project Lead, and the jurisdiction's community have agreed upon the license draft, then the Legal Lead will be responsible for transforming the BY-NC-SA license into the other five CC licenses:

  • BY-NC-ND
  • BY-NC
  • BY-ND
  • BY-SA
  • BY

All of these licenses can be derived from the clauses contained in BY-NC-SA. CC has a guide to help with this process [insert link].

Translate informational material

The Project Leads will also be responsible for coordinating the literal translation of CC's informational material. If these documents are already translated into your jurisdiction?s first language, then you may also like to consider offering translations in other common languages in your region. Furthermore, you should read through all documents to ensure that the specifics of your jurisdiction are reflected in the translations. These documents include, but are not limited to:

To get started please see our wiki page on Translating.

Creating the XHTML files

Next your team will need to prepare all 6 ported licenses as XHTML files.

To create these files, please go to the /worldwide page on the Creative Commons site. Under “Completed Licenses,” click on a jurisdiction’s flag. For this step, we recommend that you work from a launched jurisdiction with the same license version that you are porting (e.g., 3.0) and if possible that shares the same language or script as your jurisdiction. These similarities will make formatting the XHTML files easier for you.

If it is not possible to work from an existing jurisdiction, then we recommend working from the unported license.

From the launched jurisdiction’s page, open the Legal Code for each license. In your browser, click on “File >> Save Page as…” and then select “Webpage, HTML only.” It is highly recommended that you work with one license at a time, i.e. BY, BY-NC, BY-NC-SA. This will ensure that the paragraph numbering for each license remains correct.

In a text editor or HTML editor such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or Nvu, open each file you have saved. Copy and paste your appropriate license text over the previous one. Read through the HTML code and make sure that all references to language, jurisdiction, country code, etc. are modified to reflect your jurisdiction.

Within the HTML editor, replace the old jurisdiction flag with your flag. Check and re-check the code to ensure that there are no mistakes. Then save each file separately according to the following convention:

[license-code]_[version]_[country code].html

Example of all six licenses (Netherlands):

  • by-nc-nd_3.0_nl.html
  • by-nc-sa_3.0_nl.html
  • by-nc _3.0_nl.html
  • by-nd_3.0_nl.html
  • by-sa_3.0_nl.html
  • by_3.0_nl.html

If your jurisdiction has more than one official language, please also include the language code in the file name:

[license-code]_[version]_[country code]_[language code].html

Please ensure that all files are saved as UTF8-encoded XHTML. Please check that the XHTML is valid according to the W3C Markup Validator.

Once you have completed the above steps, please send the six XHTML files to Nathan Kinkade and Michelle Thorne.

Please note that no further changes will be possible once they have been published

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