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This page is meant to aggregate information, discussions, arguments and opinions around the Porting Principle prevalent withing the CC license ecology.

Creative Commons as a legal tool started out when the first set of core licenses was released to be used on by the wider internet community, in late 2001. Quite soon after that, in 2002, Creative Commons as an entity took a certain path to disseminate the principles underlying its license suite around the globe. This path was and is absolutely unique amongst the various private order licensing initiatives.

Starting in Fall 2010, CC has established a policy against further porting of its licenses to new jurisdictions in the absence of a demonstrated need and an appropriately constituted team. Indeed, most of the time the international license suite (the unported licenses) are legally sufficient for use in place of a localized version of the licenses. Instead, CC encourages the members of its CC Affiliate Network to build a robust, diverse community of users and to undertake community-building activities as a priority over license porting.

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