Poland: Operational Program Digital Poland by Ministry of Regional Development

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Policy Status: Current
Country: Poland
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Policy Title: Poland: Operational Program Digital Poland by Ministry of Regional Development - [ Go to the policy]
Description: Activity 3.1 of the Operational Program Digital Poland, including "Training activities for the development of digital literacy".

In the next three years, Ministry of Regional Development (responsible for EU funds distribution) has allocated for projects 180 million polish zlotys, together 360 million will be issued till 2020.

Funding under the Activity 3.1 will be available primarily for training projects, however, the grantee will also have the ability to create - for the purposes of training - educational materials. Presenting a plan of producing and sharing content will be scored. If such content will be created, according to the substantive criteria for project selection, "the applicant will be required to publish works prepared as part of the project in an open, by which is meant the availability of materials under license, providing the possibility of any use of the song, create and distribute copies of the work in whole or in part and to make changes and distribute derivative works. "

Sub-activity 2.3.1, "Digital access to public sector information from administrative sources and resources of science" As part of these competitions 118 million PLN will be allocated to share digital resources, public administration (particularly public data) and 118 million PLN for the sharing of scientific resources.

These competitions are mainly about the digitization and resources and the open requirement applies above all to digitized materials: "PSIs (Public sector information) made available for reuse, subject to copyright, must be made available under free licenses (such as eg. A Creative Commons license Attribution). You must declare what licenses will be applied and that the appropriate markings are on the Internet portals (own and / or owned by third parties) through which these resources will be made available. You should also declare that the legal status of ISPs who are not subject to copyright will be marked with the help of standardized tools (such as Public Domain Mark)"


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