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Unlike other articles here this guide is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5. A pdf version is available. Please provide feedback at Talk:Podcasting_Legal_Guide (requires registration).


Writing this Guide was made possible through the assistance, support and feedback of many. Stanford Law School's Center for Internet & Society provided a forum for discussion and support of this project. Lawrence Lessig, the program's founder, and Jennifer Stisa Granick, the Executive Director, have created an atmosphere that has fostered my growth as a lawyer and my ability to take on a project like this. I am extremely grateful for the support of my co-author, Mia Garlick, who was instrumental in drafting portions of the Guide, acting as a liaison with Harvard's Berkman Center, and being a supportive colleague on many fronts. The Berkman Center provided much of the research and writing on the music section, which was a tremendous help. I am also thankful for Lauren Gelman, who among other things, spearheads the speaker series at Stanford where I presented my initial work on the Guide in November 2005, and who provided feedback on early drafts of the material contained in the Guide. A number of other people (podcasters, lawyers, and some who are both) have helped with feedback on the early drafts including Elizabeth Townsend Gard (http://academiccopyright.typepad.com/), Joe Gratz (http://www.joegratz.net/), Denise Howell (http://bgbg.blogspot.com/), Chris MacDonald (http://www.indiefeed.com), and Matthew May (http://www.staccatomusic.org/), Martin Schwimmer (http://www.schwimmerlegal.com/), and Matthew Wayne Selznick (http://www.mwsmedia.com/). The Guide is certainly a better product as a result of their feedback and comments. Finally, I am very thankful for Creative Commons' assistance in hosting the web-version of the Guide, and in particular I am thankful for Mike Linksvayer and Alex Roberts who created the cool logo and took care of all the technical details of getting the Guide on line, and putting the wiki together.

Colette Vogele
San Francisco, California
March 2006