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Web Integration Developer's Guide

Integrating Creative Commons licenses into your web application

While Creative Commons offers a range of license choices and public domain options direct from its license page, if you have created an application or built a website that allow people to contribute works you may prefer to integrate the license engine directly into your site or application. This guide serves to explain all the steps necessary and options available for integrating Creative Commons into your software.

This guide is generally split into three parts:

  • Part 1: Letting users select a license
  • Part 2: Processing and Storage of license information
  • Part 3: Display of license information

Part 1: Letting users select a license

Whether your software is a website or a downloadable application, the first step to integrating Creative Commons licenses is letting users select a license directly from your software. The process involves loading a simplified Creative Commons license interface from within a popup window, embedded into your website, or launched from an HTML window control in your application. URL variables are read into the page and are appended when complete, allowing data to be extracted from the process and passed through it.

The remote license engine application

The heart of the process is running the remote license interface which is available at this URL: