PDWiki Mini Unconference 2008

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PDWiki Mini Unconference 2008

Creative Commons San Francisco

Jon Phillips



This event is closed to the public and invite-only.


12-1 PM - Lunch

  • Free Sandwiches and informal chat with all those in CC office.

1-2 PM - Current Status of PDWiki

  • Introductions (5 minutes)
  • Status Updates (Jon will glue together with slides)
    • Open Library, Alexis Rossi and Aaron Swartz (15 min)
    • Wikipedia OL Integration and PD Code, David Strauss (10 min)
    • PDRegistry.ca, Marcus Bornfreund (15 min)
    • Next Steps + Roadmap + Today, Jon Phillips (15 min)

2-3 PM - Copyright Code

  • Divide-Up
    • Copyright Code and UI hacking
    • Public documentation and Roadmaps

3-4 PM - PDRegistry.ca

  • Divide-Up
    • Bug Triaging and Fixing
    • Private documentation (for now) and Roadmaps

4-5 PM - Report back, next steps

  • Copyright Code Conclusions (team 1 and team 2)
  • PDRegistry.ca Conclusions (team 1 and team 2)

5 PM Onward - More hacking if need be and/or drinks :)


Can add information here for notes per person, like so:


Going to use #openlibrary on irc.freenode.net since #cc is chock full of people!


Open Library


Test Mediawiki Integration with Open Library


Jon Phillips

PDWiki Roadmap

Launch PDRegistry.ca

  • administrative bylaws maneuvering and empowerment of CC Canada
  • go through bugs
  • what is necessary to get sign-off from Access Copyright to make this a skin?
  • update documentation and make as much public as possible
  • list for the project?
  • After Access Copyright sign-off, move templates over to Open Library and close down old site
  • Test out site
  • Launch public skins with soft launch
  • Later do larger launch

Launch PD Code on Open Library

  • Open Content License Functionality
    • Add license field to openlibrary for tracking if Creative Commons license or any other licenses are attached to a work.

Launch OL + Wikipedia Integration

Future and Growing Usage

  • Ideas, thoughts, the future!!!


Conference,Presentation in San Francisco