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The PDWiki project's goal is to build a community around publicly editing listings of copyright status of creative works. It has grown, changed, and gone through many phases to get to where its at now. It currently has three solid components (Open Library integration, PDregistry.ca, and mediawiki plugin integration) to its strategy, and has played key roles in both the CCZero and Content Registries projects.


For overall realtime communication, please use #openlibrary on irc.freenode.net since #cc is chock full of people! :)

For mailing list, there are three lists we co-locate on including:


Open Library


NOTE: PDregistry.ca is still in locked mode until public launch, unfortunately.

Mediawiki Open Library Extension Turned on on Wikipedia


Launch PDRegistry.ca

  • administrative bylaws maneuvering and empowerment of CC Canada
  • go through bugs (DONE)
  • what is necessary to get sign-off from Access Copyright to make this a skin?
  • update documentation and make as much public as possible
  • After Access Copyright sign-off, move templates over to Open Library and close down old site
  • Test out site
  • Launch public skins with soft launch
  • Later do larger launch

Launch PD Code on Open Library

  • Open Library Dev server setup
    • how to push changes up?
  • Copyright Code Turned back on on dev server
  • Update with Fred Von Lohman's OK'd text around functionality
    • Brewster wants to see copyright code phrased in terms of public domain rather than copyright
    • Also, brewster wants us to investigate just removing the copyright and unknown classications on the main pages, and require drill-down to discover these. PD status though should be on the book pages clearly.
  • Finish more_info pages:
  • Forward to Fred Von Lohman to get review of language around copyright/pd
  • Add Open Library documentation for copyright functionality to dev server pages
  • Add Open Library copyright functionality page per jurisdictions with map/flowchart to each page to provide transparency to algorithms
  • Work with CC Jurisdictions on adding more pd/copyright code, with CC NL as first and OKFN additions
  • Open Library integration is not going to roll out with much press

Launch OL + Wikipedia Integration

  • API additions to Open Library:
  • launch launchpad bug tracker (David) (DONE)
  • Get javascript added to WMF proxy
  • Mediawiki extension released when? hopefully in NOV 2008 after OCA meeting
  • Next steps for wikipedia integration?

Future and Growing Usage

  • Ideas, thoughts, the future!!!

User Interface

Because users will come to the site with books and other materials to catalog, we should avoid making the system too abstract. wp:FRBR criteria outline four basic levels of concreteness:

  • Work
  • Expression
  • Manifestation
  • Item

Copyright status appears to hinge on the expression-level data, but the data we collect are manifestation-level. Users will also be more familiar with manifestation-level data.

So, we should have the UI revolve around the manifestation but perform copyright analysis on the expressions within:

  • Manifestation (book) title
    • Publisher
    • Expressions within
      • Authors of each expression

Copyright status will then be determined for each expression.

Relationship to Other Projects


  • The Public Facing sites for this system are (in order of integration priority)
    • wikipedia.org
    • openlibrary.org
    • archive.org
  • Public Domain Calculators
    • PDWiki (This is what cc is providing)
    • OKFN pd calculators
  • Data Miners and Harvesters
    • Public
      • OKFN
      • community contributions
    • Private
      • collecting societes (access copyright, etc)


  • Canada
    • hugh mcgwire ( librivox )
      • audio books of public domain works
      • interested in the project
      • want to participate
      • andy shot them integration of databases
    • gutenberg canada, same thing, same response
  • Free Culture UK "Public Domain Burn" http://freeculture.org.uk/PublicDomainBurn

Contact: Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock@okfn.org (MKG call in May 2006; agreed to keep each other aprised of developments with our respective projects)

Other Goals

  • We are providing:
    • formula for determing copyright status and pd deed for assigning works in multiple jurisdictions starting with Canada
    • Doing one thing well: providing the ultimate free and open community-reviewed citation/copyright registry
    • A system for other services to rely upon
    • A community-friendly host for determining copyright status and other bibliographic information



Pushing the project along. Providing funding for key parts of the project from Rockefeller Foundation Grant.

  • Jon Phillips
    • Liaise between all parties
    • direct traffic
    • build this project
    • make it sustainable
    • keep it on time/target as best possible
    • make is useful (and not shelf-ware)

CC Canada

Handling the administration and legal rules on the Canadian side

  • Marcus Bornfreud
    • liaison
    • direction
    • strategic creativity report
  • Andy Kaplan
    • legal rules
    • technical liaison
    • advisory committee stuff
  • Tina Piper
    • work plan overall
    • students will help her out, etc
    • more when we have action with CA development, research, etc

Access Copyright

Providing the initial data dump of many records to start the project. Providing vision

  • GC
    • providing legal thoughts
    • lead on the Access Copyright side


  • David Strauss
    • implementation of the original code and site
    • creative direction from wiki* standpoint
    • technical recommendations
    • directing any sub-contractors


  • edit entries
  • file bugs and feature requests
  • hack on projects code
  • tend to media
  • participate on mailing lists
  • help find more records to feed into the systems


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