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Content Directory
URL: http://ozzed.net
CC licensed content portal:
CC licensed content feed:
Formats: Image, Sound
Approximate size of the CC-licensed collection: 100

Ozzed is a Bitpop Artist from Sweden. He has a rather Varied style but it’s mainly focused around Keygen/Cracktro-like tunes. His first compilation “Lesser than Three” Was released in October 2008.

His second album “8-bit Empire” features NES-chip songs exclusively and was released in January 2009.

His third album "Cor Metallicum" was released in December 2010 and, like 8-bit Empire features 8-bit tunes made with Famitracker. When he found out about Creative Commons he released both his albums under a CC license. All his future works will be published under a CC license as well.